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Objective of this Article


Provide you with a general understanding of Business Intelligence (BI).

Share with you the Microsoft BI strategy and solution.

Describe our capabilities and experience in implementing BI solutions.



What is Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) is about getting the right information, to the right decision makers, at the right time.

BI is an enterprise-wide platform that supports reporting, analysis and decision making.

BI leads to:

 fact-based decision making

 “single version of the truth”

BI includes data transformation, reporting and analytics.



Why BI - Common Pain Points


Data everywhere, information no where

Different users have different needs

Excel versus PDF

Pull versus push

On demand – on schedule

Your format – my format

Takes too long – wasted resources/efforts




Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI)


Make it affordable

Centers around a belief that today’s BI tools are specialized and expensive.

Microsoft will focus on affordability and lower TCO.

Leverage the Microsoft investment already made by clients

End-to-end solution leveraging Microsoft SQL Server™, Microsoft Office®, Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server.

Focus on end-user’s experience with Microsoft Office and the desire to “Stop Building Tools for Analysts.”

Long-term Commitment

We are dead serious about BI”  Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

Microsoft's BI Tools revenue is growing at more than twice the rate of the overall market. …Microsoft's impact on the BI tools market cannot be overemphasized. This impact will mark an evolutionary change that has been put into motion by the database vendors overall and will reshape the BI tools market over the next 15 years.” - Dan Vesset, IDC



Components of Microsoft Business Intelligence


Integration Services (SSIS)

Provides functionality commonly referred to as Extract, Transform,  Load (ETL).

Moves and transforms data between sources and destinations, regardless of format.

Cleanses data and ensures data integrity.

Integrates heterogeneous data sources.

Analysis Services (SSAS)

Allows for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), commonly referred to as “cubes”.

 Includes advanced analytical features such as complete data mining and key performance indicator frameworks.

Enables organizations to accommodate multiple analytic needs within one solution.

Reporting Services (SSRS)

Provides a complete reporting platform so that end-users can view data using a Web browser or desk top. 

Includes report authoring tools for both technical developers and business users.

Allows web-based viewing and rendering in popular document formats such as Microsoft Excel and PDF.

Contains robust e-mail subscription capability.



What We Like about Microsoft BI Platform


We believe that Microsoft offers superior value for the following reasons:

It’s affordable and leverages existing investments.

In many cases the organization already own the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office licenses

It’s modular–organizations can deploy it all at once or one piece at a time.

For instance, one can start with Reporting Services and cubes and then integrate everything with SharePoint.

Microsoft is focused on the end-user experience and making BI easy to use.



Our Experience and capabilities with Microsoft BI


Integration Services (SSIS)

Implementing ETL between legacy FoxPro systems and the online portal developed with latest Microsoft technologies (E-Customs)

Export and Import of data between SQL Server and flat files as per the health compliance standards (DEYTA)

Analysis Services (SSAS)

End user reporting system based on preprocessed SSAS cubes (Supplier Diversity)

Reporting Services (SSRS)

Customer reporting portal for Health care domain (DSS Online Reporter and DSS Sapphire)

Reports based out of preprocessed Cubes (DEYTA)

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Microsoft Business Intelligence

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This article was published on 2012/03/30